News Letter from Carmel #11

no.11 プライム・ライフ

豊かなライフスタイル、そして優しい社会 プライム・ライフがめざすもの







As you become acquainted with the city of Carmel, a two block walk from City Hall will take you to a modern, one-story building that has the sign, “Prime Life Enrichment.” Let us get you acquainted with the activities inside this building!

The older population in America is growing in numbers. While people are living longer, they also are doing so with lower rates of disability and poverty than previous generations. There are changes occurring in this sector of the population in living arrangements, health care needs, and financial challenges. The new longevity is not just about living longer, but about living better and maintaining a balanced vital life style. The aging population feels a need to continue to grow and maintain their independence. Here is a need that Prime Life Enrichment can help to fill!

Prime Life is a private, not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing services and programs that promote independence, optimal wellness, and socialization for those 50 and beyond. This is not a retirement home or assisted living facility! This is an organization enhancing the quality of life in the following areas, is open to any citizen 50 years of age or older, and you may use their facilities as you feel the need, whether it be everyday, once a week, or occasionally.

A glance at Prime Life’s calendar shows a broad offering of activities. For example, in just one week in January, you could participate in aquatic activities, including arthritis aquatics, line dancing, Wii bowling, beginning and interim bridge, a needlework group, art class, games of Pinochle, Euchre, or Bingo, meetings centered around bereavement support, coffee and conversation with other members, birthday celebrations, a book club, writing for fun, and many other attractive activities that appeal to any age or level of physical ability. There are occasional group trips by bus to sites in Indianapolis, or other areas.

Prime Life is a community building, full of friends and neighbors, fulfilling their need to grow. Aging is a journey, not a destination! Prime Life is making our community more elderly friendly, and we welcome their organization!

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■家族会員  3,000円
■団体会員 10,000円


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